Art Show

Join us for our 7th Annual Art Show where our local schools show off their talents through various form of art.   

Criteria: Must live in Ambridge Area School District (Home/Cyber students are encouraged to participate)

Best of Media
Entry Level 1: Grades 7-9
Entry Level 2: Grades 10-12
1st-3rd place will be awarded per entry level

Category-Inspired Art
I.E. Recycled Art (Must be made out of 80% Recycled Material), 3-D, Photography, Jewelry, Woodworking, Crochet, Sewing, etc.  Grades 7-9 1st-3rd place, Grades 10-12 1st-3rd place 

Artwork must be checked in on Friday, October 13th between hours of 5pm-7pm at Baden Community Building.